Project Staff & Hotline
Contact Name and Email Link Title Phone
Morrisville Plan Updates Project Hotline none 919-866-4471
Michele Hane Town Project Manager 919-463-6165
Scott Lane Louis Berger (consultant) Project Manager 919-866-4412
Stacie Galloway Town Public Information Officer 919-463-6207
Town of Morrisville Planning Department none 919-463-6194


Town Boards & Plan Advisory Committee (PAC)
Contact E-mail Address
Board of Commissioners
Planning and Zoning Advisory Board
Plan Advisory Committee (PAC)
Plan Advisory Committee (PAC) Members
Stephen Diehl Stefanie Reed
Dan Dzamba Kenneth Sack
John Gretz Michael Schlink
Jackie Holcombe Suvas Shah
Peter Nicholas Ed White

PAC members
PAC members at the December meeting

As part of the public involvement plan of the upcoming Land Use and Transportation Plan Updates, the Town of Morrisville is establishing an Advisory Committee made up of residents and the business community. The role of the Land Use and Transportation Plan Advisory Committee (PAC) is to provide feedback and commentary that will help shape the goals, objectives, and specific content of the Project documentation. Committee members will be ambassadors to the community and help rally participation in the plan, represent the interests of their community and the Town as a whole, and work with other elements of the public involvement plan including the public workshops, other advisory boards, and the Board of Commissioners.



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