Visual Preference Survey


At the public workshop on January 31, 2008, participants were asked to view a series of images and graphics showing contrasting design styles for different development types. They were asked to consider the photos, then choose the picture that best represents what they would like future development in Morrisville to look like. Comments or qualifying remarks (e.g. “I generally prefer A, but would like to see…”) were welcome. A summary of the preliminary results of the visual preference survey is now available.

If you missed the workshop but would like to participate:
     View the images below, then indicate ONE preferred design for each category by
         Emailing your response to OR
         Printing the comment sheet and mailing it to the address at the bottom

     Responses received by February 29th will be included in the plans.


Click on each group for a larger view
1. Shopping-Gathering
2. Working
3. Living
4. Mixed Use
mixed use
5. Transportation - part 1
5. Transportation - part 2








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